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Drunken Halloween

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Snotch

Ohyea baby. It was a scotch NIGHT.

Halloween in Charleston with theDoc was grrrreat. It would seem like claiming to be a writer would help me know what-the-hell to write on this blog, but it’s fucking UNCANNY the “block” that seems to come up.

SoooOOOooo — if I could write aaaanything I wanted…  Hmmmm.

I have learned a great many things I didn’t want to learn this year and ESPECIALLY in these last few months. I’m on the accelerated program. For physicality, for emotionality, for spirituality,… for wrangling my insides into a slinky then sproinging everything through a worm-hole to straighten the shit OUT.

I’ve learned that being a lion works well with other lions — beyond that, all bets are off.  That through intimacy comes conflict… that contrast shows you your true desires… that asking the universe for the mate who’s “perfect-for-me”, doesn’t necessarily mean smooth sailing from here on out… that I have a lot more baggage after 9-million years of therapy than I would care to admit… and that someone loving me and being there for me, being on my side, CHANGES EVERYTHING.

I am a lucky girl. To have friends who love me profoundly. To have a good man who is kind in his heart. And still… I’m a girl.  And girls I think, are toooo much in their head.