Mantra for My Spirit

Posted: March 23, 2011 in Living in the Now


I am a woman
complete and strong.
Adventuring the way of my universe
living as a grown-up child God loves,
treating myself as a person I cherish and exalt.
I acknowledge the dark.
I embrace the light.
My power resides at the heart-core of me
vibrant, true and enduring.
I strut my sexy walk
I dance my aware vibe
I breathe my choice of participating
in the creation of my own dream.
My life, my joy.
My hope, my prayer.
My importance, significance, talent , touch and impact.
Unwash the brain
move with deliberate conscious purposeful kindness.
Be present, be now.
Be now, be present.
Sincerely authentically fantastically
be me.
My badass beautiful self.
Choose.  Fly.

  1. Bellachink says:

    AWESOME cougie!!!! FLY and SOAR to your unlimited potential because you are only limited by your doubts. You have released the weight of those doubts allowing you to rise above, to look down at those doubts from up on high and say ” so long suckas ” doubts have no place in the clouds and you my friend are up there above them! Once again cougie..I am so proud of you my friend!!

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