Truest Loves

Posted: February 20, 2011 in Real Women.


When a mirror is held in front of me and the reflection is blinding in its light and loveliness — I am humbled by God who would gift me with the grace of such an all-encompassing embrace of soul.

To frolic in delight, rolling around in the dandelions and fire of the fortress & haven of our friendship,… you, my friend, fill me with the wonder of witnessing your unfold and unfurl, and the awe of basking in the glow of your wake.  …Your POWER stretches out beyond the universe calling in other light-warriors for safe-retreat.  A woman of fortitude, your amazon-ness & bold laughter spills over everything you touch,… melting like a golden white caress of unlimited possibility.  You are.  Complete.

Complete in the way that showers your circle with the rain of joy and awareness… love is what you are made of — and love is what you shine out to us,… to me.

I love you D’Lish my Beautiful friend.  Happy Birthday.


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