Kissing You In My Mind

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Poetry

black n white or color


You’ve touched me beyond measure in my soul,… and I don’t know how to journey the creation.
The voice that thrums deep into the recesses of my receptivity, you captivate my interest like no other ever has or will. The energy of your presence envelops me with the melted-butter of white-light, covering me caressing me carrying me into a haven of possibility.
All the flurry of life coming and going, another ship another night — still, there you reside,…  In that cave of my imagination being built into the perfect fit.  The quirks of personality that others may find abrasive I find comforting.  The brash of brutal-honesty soothes my confidence that your truth is always what you say. The vulnerability of sharing your insides not fearing rejection teaches me that I can return in kind.
The past looms like memories lost in lack of closure yet your determination to not keep record intrigues me.  What is this that we are becoming when the distance of who we were and who we are have not met?  Do you ever wonder,… do you ever dream,…?  The culmination of gathering all the incongruous pieces of me to now cause a longing to know the outcome.  What am I willing to create,…  How long am I willing to wait?


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