Posted: August 12, 2010 in Aspirations, Poetry

two halves


Mind blown, senses reeling, what IS this full-circle that’s come to me of me…
For myself I never dreamed that you would come back into my now, and so the memories are waterfalling back into my consciousness — stirring me, moving me, provoking me to nameste the chaos into an ethereal embrace.  Don’t know what I think, don’t know what I feel, this unreal reality such an overwhelming culmination of everything that was so right gone wrong for a beyond-righteous reason.  How many are as lucky to receive the message of exactly why things happened as they did, how many are grateful enough to flow the blessing into their veins as a deserved reward and sigh of validation.
So strange so strange, I remember the acceptance but don’t recall the pain — yet we were always the haven where I couldn’t remain.  Your resonating voice brings me to a place of wonder and awe, that we both could’ve grown to become what we were destined to be, but only because we were removed from each other to see what the universe would deem.
Flashes in time from when we were being made, to finally understand the why of the shredding of our attachments to render us blank and empty so we would be receptive to the surrender of us choosing to build the monument of honoring ourselves.  The crashing that came before seems insignificant in comparison to the light that grew, emanating from the divergence and destruction and annihilation that sprung forth a phoenix.  From the flames we arose a reincarnated spirit of energy, flying and flying into the unknown because we knew that was where we belonged…  To reside in the nothingness until the priority of truth came awake — our warriorness strode forward onto a guided path of unmapped destiny.  No longer who we were, no longer who we were not — we were chosen to be that something other, of strength, of divine intervention, of magnitude of what it true,… we are the prophesied promise that a seed in the sun of love can become one with the stars.  Pure,… clean,… new.  Reborn.



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