Posted: August 1, 2010 in theSlice

Still trying to learn how to add that ‘add to facebook’ button thingy and widgets and SEO and blah, blah, blah.  I wonder who I gotta sleep with to teach me that crap.  But here’s a poem to keep you occupied…

The things that move me reside in my heart.  …Loudly singing, vehemently protesting, quietly mournful,… still in the wake.
I ride the burn-off slinging me into the countdown of a race. The starting line is not a place I thought it was, and the finish is nowhere I dreamed it would be.  Yet here I am, catapulted to a place of the future I’ve made.  It whispers to me, the things I recall — it screams to me the things I have learned.  All the me’s I have been, conglomerated into the facade of what the world wants to see, but deep within the eye of the storm I am really want I want to be.
I remember you.  I remember the you I thought I fit.  I remember the way it was and the way it was not.  I remember the girl I laid to rest. I remember the boy who never was.  I remember the life I thought I would have — and what does it matter?  As long as I have the life I was meant?


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