VOTE for my Medium Raw challenge essay: I AM AN INSTRUMENT

Posted: July 28, 2010 in Paleo Cavegirl

Read my Medium Raw challenge essay: I AM AN INSTRUMENT and VOTE FOR ME!.

Cooking well is expressing a facet of my soul.

The insightful, intuitive, inexplicable, and the righteousness.  All of these things come together,… when I’m one with the food.  The way I dance, the way I connect with someone – it is the same as when I just know in my heart – that what I’m going to make, is going to be GOOD.  It might be a surprise, but you’re going to like it.  You might have never thought to put those things together, but you’ll wish you had.  I might not know if what I envision is going to coincide with what I produce – but I trust myself enough to know the journey AND destination is going to be somewhere I WANT to end up.

When I’m in the farmers’ market and SMELL that I am choosing the optimally succulent tomato to tray that buffalo mozzarella & basil…  When I lay my EYES on the pork roast and sense that it would be the perfect chariot for summer ripe cherries & maple syrup…  When I gently squeeze the peaches and KNOW what precise texture I need for that…that… THING I’m going to dream up…  It is about TRUST.  It is about following my gut-instinct to translate what’s in my mind — into reality. Test the culinary wind with my decisions, MY choice, and feel confident about it. Divine-rod the direction of the best combination TODAY, this particular moment… that will culminate in my mouth, your mouth, for a taste-bud orgasm.  Listen to the whispering food-muses to tell me what the perfect blend of spices are — to make this dish different than before, yet right for right NOW.

Cooking well is the ultimate and resounding confirmation that I am in touch with me.  That I can tap into that place inside,… for when I’m conjuring up ideas for a meal – I can put the LOVE into it.  Because we all know it’s not about following a recipe perfectly, it’s about channeling my imagination through the love, into the feast — so when you taste it, you know it’s IN there.  It’s looking into a refrigerator where everyone else sees nothing — and knowing for a fact that I can make something of it, something MEMORABLE.  It’s allowing my creativity to domino-effect its way into an entire theme du jour.  It’s not about a sandwich man,… it’s about the way you FEEL about it.  And when I can make you FEEL,…and feel good,… how could that not affect my pride & joy?

Cooking well is a spirituality… a faith in myself, my abilities — that even if it’s never been done before or I’ve never done it before — I’ll take the risk to experiment, I’ll surrender to the wild-abandon to fly with where I’m going to go with it.  Because I,… I choose to invite the INTIMACY of letting the food speak through me.  And I am a righteous conduit – because angels use me for their spoon.

Read my Medium Raw challenge essay: I AM AN INSTRUMENT and VOTE FOR ME!.


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