A Soul’s Beseech for its Collect

Posted: March 4, 2010 in MyLoverMySelf, Poetry

A SOUL’S BESEECH FOR ITS COLLECT (an excerpt from the novel My Lover My Self… by me.)
I do not want an ordinary relationship – I want an extraordinary one. One of two halves brought whole. Like tandem racing gazelles leaping with psychic choreography to an unknown unplanned destination,… Like a duet flight of hawks soaring, soaring — lifted by the wish of the wind to a glorious invisible ethereal plane,… Like two dolphins conquering oceans waves sliding weightless, effortless through tumbling ages, timeless meaningless meaningful reincarnation. No explanation required, no intuition justified. Just animalistic relating, trusting the wont of its nature.

We are spirits born in bodies to bring harmony between soul and earth. We are spirits born separate to recollect ourselves. We have only to break our ties with the limitations of being mortal to build a love together that no man or test could put asunder. An exemplary, fantastical epitome for all others to marvel at and aspire to emulate.

We have this choice, this horizon, this threshold. Will we cling to the gravity in habit of old or will we reach for a celestial ideal within our grasp? We groom each other — raise the bar of expectation, of dreams. We battle each other — finding the territory and beauty of confine, longing for understanding in the symmetry of contrasts. Is autonomy really the goal of your intent? In a place of between, I sense your struggle. I am powerless in the wake of your uncertainty — wondering why you hesitate, wondering why you don’t make our alignment be true. You have your own path of conflict to walk and so I wait at the edge of your dark, coaxing your emergence from restless sleep. The question of merging stands ready for your surrender. Softly,… you balk, and what readiness is that of you for the will of the universe?

I cannot bestow upon you clarity nor can I make for you your choice. I am impatient my love, for our future to begin be here, still you vacillate on the verge and I tenderly feel your angst.

We are beings of light therefore must embrace the black. You are intune with much however you are afraid to leave your solitude. Can you not smell the ray of desirous success within your reach? Yet you grope eyes closed unseeking the joy beyond. All this hibernating in you, you are pushed to contemplate your yearn. Passion is something that must be actively consciously fed but you are starving and hoard your share in fear. Let loose and fly, the universe will catch us aloft and we will become our fantasy made alive. No looking back – we have only nows for our destiny. Throw off the weight of the world you keep on your own shoulders, they anchor you down to the mundane, and we,… we have heaven to attain. Give over to every thing you wish you didn’t have to do, for it is a symbolism to non-aliens and are unimportant in relation to the task – our task. The cloak of independence is contradictory to the mate of souls, let go of self, of personality,… to gain the next level,… of together.

When you choose to get lost in your purpose the rest will be simply easy. Two are stronger than one and two as one is the strongest of all. Release yourself from rebellion and do not resist abandoning the ways of the damaged, for your fate is about allowing us to unfold and unfurl, and do not let me weep too long at your pause.

Crossroads must happen for you to gain your armor of confidence. Listen to your angels for they sing the direction you must take. Be brave, this trial is about your memory and emphatically I say there is no room for it with instinct. Why do you search for a message to stay with the comfortable when no such message is being spoken? Guardians are whispering your own asked-for signs yet you deny and pretend you must hear them aloud. What use is the illusion of reality when you impose your demand that it be made real?

Love is waiting, I am waiting – and will you,… wait, to have your cake and eat it too?

Time is precious as it is nothing, so then why delay the obvious by burrowing in discontent when the blanket of tranquil assimilation calls your name?

Oh the crux of our many teachings clashing. A storm of malevolent proportions threaten to swallow you while you could be consuming me. Be not afraid of my light for it could prove to be your saving grace and then the germination of your thrive will be exploded and then truly, you will be power.

But,… these encouragements I sigh and place humbly at your feet are left stagnating for your stir. Will you awake? Or will you keep your eyes closed for a moment too long and when they open I was a figment of your imagination disappeared into the mist?



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