What is Chemistry?

Posted: February 4, 2010 in Poetry

That elusive inexplicable something… Nothing-provable havoc-causing thing?
We get antsy if it’s not there anxious if it is — conflicted if it wavers or vacillates, confused that we feel controlled by it but want more anyways.
The symphony of our attraction.
The music that accompanies our compatibility…our questions, doubts, wants.
The hunger of our soul that longs to be satiated by the touch of another.
The ruin of our autonomy.
The voice of illogical reason.
Energetic affection without a physical caress.
The sigh of the earth drinking the rain.
The feeling inside me that wants you there with it.
The dissolving of fear into desire.
The sizzle of liking you without knowing you instigting the wish to know more.
Need not feeling like neediness.
The addiction that doesn’t care for a cure.
Being drawn to you without will…
…And… having the waiting be over.


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