New Year, New Me.

Posted: January 4, 2010 in Poetry

Even though I don’t necessarily believe in NY’s Resolutions, January is SUCH a great time to mark a new beginning on the calendar.

Broken and burnt until all that was familiar and recognizable — is ashes.
To lie in the darkness battered yet unyielding, waiting… creating the moment when the impossible is within my power. Mount the skyscraper-tower obstacles with purpose, stoking flame from embers seeking to die, for it is in death that opportunity for resurrection beckons.
Find me, become me, breathe me, believe.
To garner up the resolve to rise and fly when even one small step seems beyond my reach — so is the way of being reborn. The remnants to be cast away unto a sea of constant ravages,… mind is the tsunami that threatens to draw a spirit into the whorls of chaotic questioning. Stand fast on an island within your heart of quiet confidence, that righteous reinvention lies the way of the most difficult path… through the forest of black unwelcome because steel cannot be forged in the cool comfort of the known.
Rail against the mundane complacency because what the hell glory resides in being fucking ordinary?
Push. Drive. Refuse. Rebel.  Release the force of surging defiance and resist the sirens seduction of being satisfied with enough.
Drink tears of humble endings because this is the way of the phoenix… and this — is the way of the hard routine.


  1. Belinda Cross says:

    How’s this going?

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