Girlz Rule Buuuuut…

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Aspirations

Girls rule. But I like me some MAAAAAN. One word: PASTIES

JB tattoos

I decided I am going to write a new book.  “Righteously Owning Your Mate.” We watched The Dog Whisperer all last weekend and OMG I am so inlove w/Cesar Millan! Talk about a backbone, there’s nothing sexier than a guy who knows  how to control his bitches HAHA

And so, driving to work today, I got the brilliant idea that I would just lay it out on paper (a manual) for guys to see, that girls might be crazy but there really IS a method to our madness.  As Cesar puts it “exercise, discipline, affection.  In THAT order.” And as that wise sentence came out of the television, I realized that that is part of the big glitch that Rak & I run into due to proximity i.e. separate states.  Not of being lol, but geographic.  And when we DO get together, he’s so busy being affectionate we lose track that I haven’t gotten “exercised” (in case you’re not getting the  innuendo, exercised means sexed-up heh heh) And so while we were watching that show, I realized part of MY problem.  As an alpha, as a lioness, as a queen… it’s not that I need to be dominated — but I DO need to know that I can be.


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